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This is our article dedicated to converting mass from the metric unit gram to the British imperial and United States customary unit ounce.

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Oz to G

The unit ounce is abbreviated as oz, and the thousandths of a kilogram is abbreviated as g, so for the conversion we often only write oz to g.

We start by discussing the ounces in current use:

The international avoirdupois ounce is the unit of mass used to measure groceries and bulk dry food in the United States of America.

And, if you see “ounce” in a cookbook, it means this unit.

This unit of mass is defined as 28.349523125 grams, equivalent to 1⁄16 avoirdupois pound.

Hence, the facts provided on this page do NOT mean the unit of volume fluid ounce.

The information in this article does not apply to the international troy ounce either, unless otherwise stated.

The troy ounce is only used to weigh precious metals such as silver.

The international troy ounce is defined as 31.1034768 grams, roughly 10% more than the avoirdupois ounce.

In the next section we show you how to convert the mass.

How to Convert Ounces to Grams?

To convert oz to g multiply the mass in ounces by 28.349523125.

The grams to ounces formula is [g] = [oz] * 28.349523125.

Therefore, for instance, 10 international avoirdupois oz are equal to approximately 283.5 grams.

(As a side-note: to convert troy ounces to grams multiply the mass in ounces by 31.1034768.

The grams to troy ounces formula is [g] = [troy oz] * 31.1034768.

For example, 10 international troy ounces gold or palladium are more or less 311.035 grams.

Keep in mind to only use the troy ounces formula for gold and other precious metals.)

Throughout our website, except where we explicitly state troy ounces, we mean the retail sale ounce used to weigh dry foods.

Thus, our calculator above uses international avoirdupois ounces.

About our Ounces to Grams Converter

To make use of our converter at the beginning of this article just insert the mass in ounces, our tool does the calculation for you automatically.

To change grams to ounces, insert the mass in the lower field.

The frequent conversions in this category include, for example:Now, check out the search form in the sidebar of this page.

If x is your weight in ounces, there you can look up terms such as x ounce to g and x ounces into grams.

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In the next paragraph of ounce to grams you will be shown the frequently asked questions about the conversion.

After that you can read the summary of our article about how to convert ounces to grams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many grams go into Oz?

1 oz equals 28.349523125 grams

What is half of 1 oz in grams?

14.1747615625g = 1/2 oz

How much does 1 oz weigh in grams?

1 oz = 28.349523125 grams

How much does 1 oz weigh?

1⁄16 avoirdupois pound

Is one gram lighter heavier than one ounce?

Yes, ounces are much heavier than grams

How many dry grams are in 1 oz?

≈ 28.35 grams, dry grams don’t exist

How many grams makes 2 ounces?

2 oz = 56.69904625 g

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